Security and keeping identity protected

Security and keeping identity protected has been in the news recently and has raised some interesting questions. In terms of how, or why this is, and will continue to be, important, means that we all must raise our awareness in our ability to protect not only ourselves, but those of our loved one’s as well.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that technology is taking over many of our regular activities in our lives. In the news for instance it seems like every day or every other day we hear about a breach and thousands if not millions of compromises have occurred. Thus, our security and keeping identity protected is important enough to at least take a look to see where we stand.

Does this mean we need to be alarmed, absolutely, it should not only alarm us, but it should wake us up and take action and taking steps to prevent and protect ourselves and our loved one’s from these deliberate hacks. While we are not experts in this field, it should alert us to where we are and how we actually are protected. Not only our own information but the security and keeping our identity protected from these hacks is essential for the next events which will happen. One that you may want to look into is Idshield for protecting your identity and other forms of your information.

Safety and Security in the new world

Some things that we can often do to protect us is to change our passwords, protect our credit and debit cards by reviewing our security options, as well as making sure our information is not easily available to anyone. These are basic and common knowledge that everyone is aware of and hopefully using on a daily routine. Personal identity security is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world.

Routines are where these hackers depend on and try to duplicate to gain access to your security and identity attributes of all of our accounts. There are many companies that are available to address these events one of them being ID Shield. This company has an extensive record and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Going forward, identity guard and identity theft protection will be with us for some time to come s technology continues to evolve. Taking appropriate steps to protect our selves and those of our loved one’s will become more and security awarenessmore relevant with the changes that have happened and will happen in the near future.

So what do you think, are you in favor of security measures for you and your family’s identity or do you already have preventive measures already in place?

Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

Effects of modern communications

Effects of modern communication

have changed since the inception of the internet and even before. It is interesting to understand how these platforms have changed. Many years ago the only means of communicating socially meant talk show radio or writing into platforms that involved public responses for questions that people sought out answers to. Some basic facts about modern communicating are just that, the beginning, medium, and end result are yet to be grasped as technology continues to advance at lightning speeds. Telegraph being one of the first modes of communicating, preceded by the pony express delivery services that were used in olden days.

Technological Advances

In my experience, I was able to get online as an educator for experimental purposes around 1994. It was strange and different, in those years the means in which we gained access to online have exploded exponentially. Due to obvious changes and sizes of the computers, cell phones, and even mobile devices with the capacity to cross multiple communicating methods. Talking on cell phones has transitioned to texting. This of course removes part of the normal speaking that we all do to talk with each other and takes away the one on one personal conversations that we used to talk to each other. This all seems unnecessary and creates a window or barrier to say something that might be offensive to some.

Moving On

There are many who have yet to experience the advances these changes as their opportunities are not as frequent as those we have in the US. One of the benefits is being able to reach out and learn about different cultures and people and their way of life. Also, exchanging ideas with folks would bring the world closer to countries that are not as defined as others. But then again, this could also lead to problems with diplomacy and laws with regulations such as the over the counter medications that are being sold online. Nonetheless, life will continue and we will either adapt and grow with the movement, or fall behind and lose the opportunity to learn something new such as building your own business.

Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

2 Can eating right foods lead to weight loss?

Can eating the right foods can change your health.

Eating the right foods can change your health because the benefits can enhance what we eat. Some means in which we can do this lie within our regular eating choices that we make. For many people it is a lifetime struggle to battle illnesses and perhaps through some resources in this article it may shed some light into the world of healthy eating.

Common misunderstandings and the choices we make.

As we grow through the years, our bodies begin to depend on some foods like sugar and caffeine, or so we think. We also think that we will live forever and we are invincible like we believe ourselves to be during our youth. These issues are important to everyone and everyone should examine carefully what our diet consists of. In order to learn how to eat well, some information about the right kinds of foods that help promote a sustainable life.

If you think about it. many of the choices we make are due to time and multi tasking that we do to get things done, for our families as well as for our selves. Trying to do more with what you have usually means some things get left behind because it is convenient and plain easier to eat out as opposed to cooking a meal at home. The never ending commercials puts it all into perspective, or so we think, in to the ads they used to draw our attention to when we see, listen, or hear their products being advertised.

We learn differently as we age.

We learn from an early age what tastes good does not necessarily mean that it is good for you, along with media, radio, television, and marketing advertisements depict or almost direct our attention to the products they promote and want consumers to purchase. Well, as we grow older some habits that are picked up during the younger years can come back and haunt us and our health.

Microbes are essential for Normal functions.

For instance, their are microbes in our system that are part of our regular structure of how we are created. Some are good and some are not so good. Such as Cholesterol. Everyone knows and it is common knowledge that controlling one’s cholesterol is important to our bodies and managing this is not as easy as it seems. Good LDL and bad LDL are existent in our bodies because of the chemical composition that is exactly that, or in other words microbes that are part of our bodies.

Prebiotics and Probiotics.

Prebiotics and Probiotics are two terms that caught my attention and led to me searching for more information about what they are and what they do for our digestive systems. We all have these microbes both good and bad one’s that help keep our systems functioning correctly. The term “you are what you eat” comes to mind when I was reading thru the material and brought to light how the foods we eat do really connect with our systems.

In order for these two components to function their has to be a balance. Otherwise, the choices that we make could lead to harming ourselves beyond repair. While we are young we learn as young people do and then our minds have the tendency to decide to eat and try different foods. From that point on until things change again we tend to keep the same eating habits that may or may not promote a healthy lifestyle. Thus eating properly stays in the back of our minds, but we do not seem to follow those works of advice and feed ourselves in the wrong way that ultimately leads to poor health, over weight sets in as well as the couch.

Why this is important to everyone.

Beginning with learning about these functions the Prebiotics and pro Probiotics that helps our bodies digest for correctly and effectively which is what most people want in their lives. According to the people that first described the food pyramid, they did so, in order to address obesity and its effects on large population, what they found was that, this nutritional guide could lead to weight loss and perhaps a great tool for controlling weight issues that many people often suffer from.

No one single person has the perfect recipe or diet that controls or manages all the factors discussed here. And although the food pyramid was modified in 1992, it is really everyone’s responsibility lies with us to make the right choices. Changing the way we look at food is one way to start adjusting our diet as well as reading up on the subject in order to understand the concepts better.

Heart beats
For a change

such as changing your diet involves gathering information and knowing what limits their are so we can adopt our new outlook on food and caring for our bodies the way we should be. This will also set a great example for our loved ones to follow suit through modeling this kind of life changing decisions. If we look at it through someone else s eyes perhaps someone who has gone through a catastrophic illness or a heart attack, we could get a better grasp on what it would be like if we followed a few changes with the choices we make.

Typical recommendations include and are not limited to extreme alternatives.

There are many doctors and physicians that would recommend surgery, such as stomach stapling, liposuction, or drastically changing your diet in order to improve our lives. The final decision lies within every one of us that will recognize the need to make the difference in our lives. There are many remedies and solutions in the internet of things that offer this and that and that it will change your life. Some are good and some are not so good and without the knowledge that we need to make these choices wisely.



I know since I read this article and found that, before making any choices, consult your Doctor or Physician about your weight, weight loss goals, and eating habits that will get your bodies back to where we need them to be for a longer sustainable life. Leading a healthy life does not have to be difficult or extraordinary. Modifying our lives can be done through some careful educated decisions that we will be happy to make.

Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

Energy Alternatives & Resources

Wind Turbines

  Companies of all sizes usually measure the challenges

they have ahead of them when they begin operations. For any company to succeed they need a well planned process in order to establish their company, brand name, and products they promote. Amazon is one of those companies and it is safe to say that they will be part of our world for some time to come.


Part of all of their plan has to be aware of their resources and how they will use them to get products to consumers. Their ultimate goal is to create sales and thus generate revenues and of course ensuring returning consumers. The more often they use the products they promote the more they will return to their venue.

Sustainable Sources

Much like The Wealthy Affiliate or WA program there are many ways to reach out and connect with consumers such as you and I. This energy companies name is Energy Solutions Network or ESN, and my position there was and is Independent Consultant. . ESN provides all companies with Electricity, Water, Natural Gas, and Solar panels alternatives and savings that help reduce the amount they spend for production.

Alternatives & Resources

Solar EnergySeveral ways that big businesses search for and obtain Energy Alternatives and Resources to function in a modern world. Every business must consider these expenses when drawing up a business plan or before building their company. Anytime there are opportunities for a company to create savings or reduction in expenses is ideal for sustainability. With the companies abilities to reduce and promote this type of savings it would be perfect for any company, or even consumers such as you and I to educate ourselves on how to save energy costs beginning at our homes.


It does not take a rocket genius to realize that planning for and preparing for these costs are relative to the expenses from production are necessary for establishing their entity. The depth and costs fluctuate and are affected by many elements and factors as there are many involved with the process of producing the goods and services that people need and require for their lives. Electricity the fundamental beginning. Most manufacturers expend much of their resources on production and getting their product to market with the least amount of costs possible. Thus, the return on investment or ROI as it is often referred to.

Global Energy

 Production and What large Companies do not know!

Electricity for example is needed to produce what ever goods and services that companies must have to be able to create and deliver the goods for the consumers that they build up through their marketing and advertising departments. Research and development or RSD and are essential for marketing strategists in order for the company to create the items that people will use and continue to use once they have established their brand name. With social networks getting the message out to folks that want to know more about these kinds of savings is needed to save you and I cost on our energy bills.

Electrical Grid

Brand names such as Cheer, Gain, or Tide are examples of soap or detergent products that are a must have to consumers as washing clothes is an essential element for clean clothes for everyone. From the employees, to their families, to the executives, they all rely on cleanliness of clothes from one day to another. Also, with the modern techniques for drawing in consumers, it does not take much to realize how valuable these goods are and how they will be made are but only a few examples of why electricity is needed to make these goods for everyone.
There are different forms of energy and for the most part, regular electricity is monitored and produced by electric companies that gain access to this power through Electrical Brokers that are able to get the best possible price for electricity as some companies are able to do. In some areas there are conglomerates that restrict who and where we get our electric from these are referred to as Public Utility Commissions and they have total control on how much they can charge for the electricity they provide regular consumers. Every state has their own regulatory controls which monitor these entities.

Hydro Electricity

Water, and Solar Resources

There are also water needs that can be impacted by using a Flow Mangement Device that Energy Solutions collaborates with to reduce the amount of water that is actually used by the company. For example, many companies do not know that by the time the water arrives to the facilities they use, there is an average of 10 – 20 % loss of air and bubbles. This happens when the water travels thru piping and lose part of their strength along the way by the turns and distance they have to travel.

Further, this company also is involved with Solar Panels with Direct Solar. One example of the success they have had was in California. One of the schools that received solar panels was able to pay the costs off and had a 5 million dollar surplus of energy the following year, This not only takes care of operational costs, but also provides a surplus that can enhance the educational system they have in place. Would this not be the direction that our world is headed for in the near future, and if Solar energy options are available to other countries perhaps the dependence on outer sources would retract.

Thus enter the larger corporations that are allowed certain tax incentives to bring their companies into their area in order to create jobs and improve the quality of life they lead. Many if not all of these products in my opinion are overrated, over charged and are gouging the prices that regular people rely on and depend on. On the flip side of this are the different entities that are involved when making these decisions such as Stakeholders and Investors that rely on information such as this to make informed choices for their operations and production goals. Thus the return on investment goals of all members is essential when promoting their businesses.

Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

About Me Widget

Hello, my name is Xavier Perez with Family Health Care Consulting LLC.  It is a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to answering your questions about what we do. I am a Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother and Son to the most fabulous Mother, Father, and family ever.



Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

Our Aging Population

Aging Population (more…)

Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

Having fun made easy.

Fun, fun, fun!


Having fun made easy. Something on everyone s mind these days is how to have fun. For something this simple to become such a difficult task is really hard to believe. With so much technology, social networks, and entertainment options it can be hard for anyone to separate these and decide which one to do. It used to be simple and easy not too long ago but , nowadays it is virtually impossible to have the same level of enjoyment that we did when we were younger.

Where to begin?

First things first, we need to identify the depth of fun that we want to have and if it is  feasible or not. Second, who will be attending, and finally how long will this last. Planning an event has to be organized and structured in the fast paced society that we all live in these days. Some folks get out and go about their daily rituals, and then there are folks who cannot get out as much and are closed in with limited exposure due to health issues, or simply are not able to get out as much. Examine what you are able to do with  someone that needs to get out and take in some sunlight. After all, It is vitamin D and good for our systems.


Before anything happens , a carefully laid out plan must be engineered or prepared in order to have a great time safely. Then again some best laid out plans do not fair so well. Therefore, sometimes the best direction anyone can take is freelance or what some would consider freelance it and take a chance. This leaves all things subject to change and perhaps the event may take on a different direction. The important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy the time you have with those around you.

Simple Steps.

Fortunately for some of us
, we have had experience with these events and making them happen can arise from our past, present or current status quo. Simply put, get up, get out, and get involved with those loved ones in your life that like it or not, must grow. Go for a walk, catch a movie, plan an outdoor barbecue and implement these plans to the best of your abilities with the resources you have. Then again, perhaps staying at home for dinner and a movie maybe what suits you. Bottom line, have fun, it is what we all need more of in our lives, and without laughter, where would we be.

What next?

Moving on,
the next thing we may consider is catching a movie at a regular cinematic theater. There is nothing that compares to the big screen experience especially with the blockbusters that Hollywood is putting out there. With surround sound, popcorn, and recliners that add value to your cinematic experience, there is nothing that compares to the thrill of the event. Being able to do this of course takes time and money. Bottom line, getup, get out, and have some fun. Life is short and who wants to not be content.

 What are some things that you do to have fun? How would you like to build your own business? Get started here for free! For more information about who we are connect with us at the following link. 

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Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review

2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review

Many folks have always dreamed and thought of starting their own business, and while some plans get off the ground,  others do not.  One reason can be that they lack the knowledge to get it done, and from my personal experience, Wealthy Affiliate Program brings that to the table.  The following review addresses some of the concerns folks may have regarding their own business ideas.

Working for some companies is and will always be difficult with little to now expectations of advancing their position or moving up the corporate level.  Starting a business is not complicated and only takes a few steps. Wealthy Affiliate Program offers ;  


  • 24/7 Support.
  • Kyle & Carson – Executives with WA.
  • Live Chat for questions and support.
  • Technical Support.
  • Jaxxy Keyword & Researching Tools.
  • Earn Income. 
  • Be your own Boss.
  • Meet people and Interaction with Great support staff.

Although I have been with WA for only 2 months, I can tell that the support and the program has great features that will get me to my goals of running my own business. Having worked for many other companies, I can tell that the sky is the limit with Wealthy Affiliate Program. You will never know until you go check it our for your self, best of all there is no previous experience required and everyone can join.

So, what are you waiting for, take the next step, click on the link above and find out more.


Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

How about Fog

Foggy Days!

Ever wonder why sometimes we seem that our environment imitates our lives? Take for instance Fog.  There will be days of FOG,  and there will not. It often seems like this is what happens to us in our daily routine. So how about a change. Take charge of  your future by starting your own business and the fog will be lifted. Sometimes it takes a major directional change needs to happen in order to get our lives recharged.


Starting your own Business!

There are many people stuck in jobs waiting for an opportunity to advance in a company. Sometimes they get there, but most often they do not. Well that’s the way many folks feel and the great thing to remember is that it does not have to be that way. We are in charge of our own destinies and we write the direction we decide to take. Good or bad, right or wrong, or even left or right, it matters not which choice we make. So go ahead, take a chance, dive into control of your future with the Wealthy Affiliates Program.



Wait for the Fog to clear?

Better days are ahead for everyone involved at the WA. For instance, have you ever thought about starting your business? It’s easy and well you may have just found the place to get your own business going right here  at the button below.  So why not try it out for free, that’s right free! 

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Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

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Originally from San Benito near South Padre Island. Have 3 kids with 7 grandchildren and siblings. Enjoy reading, traveling, music, astrology and student of life. I have a Bachelors in Business Management as well as an Associates Degree in Information Systems.

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